BOMB 124, Summer 2013

The cover of BOMB 124

Conversations with Hope Gangloff, Richard Thompson, Matas Pieiro, Joanne Greenbaum, Gyula Kosice, Fiona Maazel, Phillip Lopate, Abraham Cruzvillegas, David Grubbs . . .

David Grubbs

by C. Spencer Yeh

Musician and composer David Grubbs collaborates with improvisatory artists—including C. Spencer Yeh—to attain an unrepeatable quality on his new album, The Plain Where The Palace Stood.

Hope Gangloff

by Yuri Masnyj

In Gangloff's latest paintings, student protesters at Cooper Union (her alma mater) loom large. With sculptor Masnyj she discusses her path of becoming a painter of her peer group.

Richard Thompson

by Keith Connolly

Fairport Convention helped to bring traditional music into British folk rock back in the '60s. Connolly traces Thompson's evolving style from his Fairport days to his latest solo album, Electric.

Matías Piñeiro

by Clinton Krute

Matías Piñeiro makes intricate films that play with literature, history and language. His Shakespearean Viola opens on July 12 at the Film Society of Lincoln Center alongside a retrospective of his films.

BOMB Specific

by Fredi Casco

A selection of photographs from Operación Condor, a series of military operations in South America, the site of Graham Greene's Travels with my Aunt (1969).

Fiona Maazel

by Justin Taylor

Fiona Maazel on her second novel, Woke Up Lonely, and how its apocalyptic themes of loneliness and emotional isolation are reflected in its unique, fractured structure.

Phillip Lopate

by Shifra Sharlin

Phillip Lopate has had a good year, publishing To Show and To Tell: The Craft of Literary Nonfiction and Portrait Inside My Head. He spoke with Sharlin about humor, honesty, and his identity as a native New Yorker.

Abraham Cruzvillegas

by Haegue Yang

Cruzvillegas discusses his most recent installation and how his experiences as a citizen of Mexico fuel the unstable, contradictory nature of his sculptures.

BOMB 124
Summer 2013
The cover of BOMB 124