BOMB 122, Winter 2013

The cover of BOMB 122

Oscar Murillo, David Lang, Alix Pearlstein, Fanny Howe, Chistian Mungiu, Rude Mechanicals, Tony Feher, Horst Ademeit and Daniel Bozhkov, James Hanaham, Suzanne Wise . . .

Oscar Murillo

by Legacy Russell

Artist and curator, Legacy Russell, chats with artist Oscar Murillo about painting, parties, and the duality of meaning in his work.

Rude Mechanicals

by Eric Dyer

If ensemble theater group Rude Mech’s ethos was a draw for Radiohole’s Dyer, their bacchanalian re-creation of the Performance Group’s Dionysus in 69 clinched the connection.

Ulises Carrión's The Poet's Tongue

by Mónica de la Torre

One of Mexico’s most important conceptual artists, Ulises Carrión, is also one of the most overlooked. BOMB Senior Editor Mónica de la Torre is moved to child-speak over poems that might seem gibberish, but are instead Cage-like koans.

Cristian Mungiu

by Liza Béar

Romanian auteur Mungiu’s Beyond the Hills, which fuses naturalism with the escalating dramatic tension between two young women, won awards for best screenplay and best actress at Cannes.

Fanny Howe

by Kim Jensen

Fanny Howe on “looking up from under,” religion, and Radical Love, a collection of her most important, most experimental, novels.

Alix Pearlstein

by John Pilson

Artist John Pilson talks to seasoned provocateur Alix Pearlstein about her ability to create conflict and tension between the camera and viewer.

Tony Feher

by Saul Ostrow

Ostrow visits Feher at his Bronx studio, where he muses about his past, contemplates his future, and pinpoints the exact moment when he discovered to be an artist meant to believe “I was right, even when I was wrong.”

David Lang

by Nico Muhly

Muhly chats with fellow composer, and Pulitzer Prize winner, David Lang about his recent work, love fail, at the Brooklyn Academy of Music from December 6 to December 8.

BOMB 122
Winter 2013
The cover of BOMB 122