BOMB 119, Spring 2012

The cover of BOMB 119

Charles Long, Gerardo Naranjo and Nicolás Pereda, K8 Hardy, Heidi Julavits, Ingo Schulze, Dean Moss, Mohsen Namjoo, Liz Deschenes, poetry by Mary Jo Bang, art by Deana Lawson . . .

El Sicario

by Chris Chang

Don’t let the hands distract you. The daring documentary El Sicario, by Gianfranco Rosi, interviews an alleged assassin whose only visible characteristic are his lethal five-fingered tools.

Web Extra Video Artist and animator Jennifer Levonian’s work is Irreverent and articulate, and acknowledges that places, like nephews, don’t have to be perfect to be loved.

An eight hour interview with Gilles Delueze was saved for release until after the philosopher’s death. The posthumous talk covers everything from A to Z. Literally.

Julavits, author of the novel The Vanishers and cofounder of The Believer, chats with fellow novelist Fiona Maazel about psychic powers and their relationship to literary conceits.

Gerardo Naranjo and Nicolás Pereda

Pereda, a prolific minimalist, and Naranjo, known for his highly stylized portraits of disaffected youth, discuss their divergent styles, practices, and their shared “exile” from their native Mexico.

K8 Hardy

by Ariana Reines

The obsession with documentation and online sharing might have caused K8 Hardy to press pause on performing, at least for now. Hardy discusses, with poet Raines, the runway show she’s producing for the Whitney Biennial.

Dean Moss

by Young Jean Lee

Choreographer Dean Moss speaks with one of his collaborators, playwright Young Jean Lee, about his early years as the son of civil rights workers and his current work-in-progress, a meditation on John Brown.

Schulze is one of the most important writers to come out of a reunified Germany. This wide-ranging conversation with essayist Weinberger turns from a discussion of top-quality Amazonian soil to the novelist’s approach to literary style.

Michelle Segre

by Huma Bhabha

WEB EXTRA VIDEO Watch a BOMB Studio Visit video with Michelle Segre and read artist Huma Bhabha’s take on the sculptor’s “models of the brain at work.”

Sheila Pepe

by Ryan Johnson

Artist Ryan Johnson on sculptor Sheila Pepe’s obsession with shoelaces and her technique of “improvisational crochet.”

Mohsen Namjoo

by Shirin Neshat

Iranian musician Mohsen Namjoo, now exiled in the US, fuses classical Persian poetry and musical forms with the American blues. He talks with artist and filmmaker Shirin Neshat.

Liz Deschenes

by Kathleen Peterson

Deschenes and Peterson, a poet, continue an ongoing conversation on Virginia Woolf’s To the Lighthouse, a novel that here serves as a springboard for musings on the nature of perception.

The Wick

by Myla Goldberg

Invisible Love proposes parallels between the work of Marie Curie and Marcel Duchamp as evidence of their potential unrequited love . . .

BOMB 119
Spring 2012
The cover of BOMB 119