BOMB 118, Winter 2012

The cover of BOMB 118

Jimmie Durham, Yang Fudong, Robert Ashley, Radiohole, John Miller, Suzanne McClelland, Raymond Roussel, Paul LaFarge and Peter Orner, Peter Fend, Bjorn Copeland . . .

WEB EXTRA VIDEO Watch a BOMB Extra Video with artist Bjorn Copeland, who’s band Black Dice has a new album, Mr. Impossible, out now.

Landform Building

by Terence Gower

Terence Gower opens the gray flannel cover of Stan Allen and Marc McQuade’s Landform Building, an architectural manifesto that rethinks “organic” as “geologic.”


by Sabine Russ

Sabine Russ maps Wolfgang Staehle’s 2001 onto 2011, tracing the painful and cathartic implications of its memory.

The Death-Ray

by Alexander Chee

Alexander Chee enters the bizarre universe of Daniel Clowe’s new graphic novel, The Death Ray, through an analysis of its central protagonist.

Frederick Tuten explores the implications behind Jenny Diski’s new book, What I Don’t Know About Animals. Containing elements of memoir, travelogue, and investigative journalism, the text is also a love story.

Rêve Parisien

by Zach Layton

Zach Layton listens to Rhys Chatam’s return to the trumpet in Rêve Parisien, an album that features improvisation, collaboration, and a minimalist organ.

The authors ponder the implication of immersing fiction in place—Chicago in the case of Orner’s new novel Love and Shame and Love—and non-place, as in the hypertext that accompanies La Farge’s new novel, Luminous Airplanes.

This First Proof contains the short story “Label,” by Sean Madigan Hoen, the winner of the 2011 BOMB Fiction Prize. 

Translating Raymond Roussel

by Mark Ford

The linguistic contortions in Roussel’s work have influenced artists and writers from Duchamp to Foucault to Ashbery. Two recent translators of Roussel discuss his outlandish creations.


by Barbara Browning

Members of the downtown theater company share their commonalities with Occupy Wall Street and ideas on alternate uses for plastic bags.

John Miller

by Liam Gillick

Miller, known for his baroque paintings of consumer detritus, discusses his ongoing series of reality-TV celebrity wannabes with Liam Gillick.

Yang Fudong

by Li Zhenhua

Fudong, known for his his elegant, puzzle-like films, speaks with curator Li Zhenhua about his latest project The Fifth Night.

Robert Ashley

by Alex Waterman

The composer and giant of contemporary music passed away on March 4, 2014. Here he reflects on the 2012 reinterpretation—in Spanish—of his epic opera of the ordinary, Perfect Lives.

Terence Gower

by Pedro Reyes

WEB EXTRA VIDEO Artist Pedro Reyes talks to Terence Gower about his lecture video New Utopias which investigates utopian fantasies from Funkadelic to Jacques Demy to Sun Ra. Watch an exclusive clip.

BOMB 118
Winter 2012
The cover of BOMB 118