BOMB 116, Summer 2011

The cover of BOMB 116

Mickalene Thomas, Francis Alÿs, Joanna Newsom and Roy Harper, Cauleen Smith, Binyavenga Wainaina, Siri Hustvedt and Simon Van Booy, Natalia Almada, and more . . .

Watch a BOMB Extra Video! BOMB 116 cover artist Mickalene Thomas showed us around her studio and described her creative process in this exclusive BOMB Behind the Scenes video. Read her conversation with Sean Landers in the BOMB 116/Summer 2011 issue.

This First Proof contains the short story “Books,” by Quim Monzó, translated by Peter Bush.

Mickalene Thomas

by Sean Landers

Mickalene Thomas on the influence of Romare Bearden, David Hockney, Matisse, and Carrie Mae Weem’s “Mirror, Mirror on the Wall . . . .”

Joanna Newsom

by Roy Harper

In a conversation with the legendary British folk singer-songwriter Roy Harper, Joanna Newsom talks about the harp, her personas, and her predilection for California.

Binyavanga Wainaina

by Rob Spillman

Kenyan writer Binyavanga Wainaina chronicles the multiplicity of his African upbringing in his debut memoir, One Day I Will Write About This Place with Tin House’s Rob Spillman.

Scott Shepherd

by Richard Maxwell

Scott Shepherd, narrator of the Elevator Repair Service’s GATZ and actor in The Wooster Group’s version of Vieux Carré talks shop with playwright/director Richard Maxwell.


by Clinton Krute

In Attenberg, filmmaker Athina Rachel Tsangari tells the story of a young woman’s coming-of-age while highlighting the political situation in Greece and the age-old clash between our human and animal instincts.

Francis Alÿs

by Carla Faesler

In a conversation with poet Carla Faesler, Belgian-born, Mexico City-based artist Francis Alÿs describes how sparse scripts lead to maximal artistic results.

Natalia Almada

by Chris Chang

Natalia Almada was just named a MacArthur Fellow. In BOMB 116 she discussed her film El Velador, and her motives for filming in a cemetery in Culiacán, Sinaloa.

Cauleen Smith

by Leslie Hewitt

Smith discusses Afrofuturism and its struggle with memory with photographer Leslie Hewitt.The artist’s Sun-Ra-based exhibition The Journeyman is up now at threewalls in Chicago.

Simon Van Booy & Siri Hustvedt

Novelists Siri Hustvedt and Simon Van Booy compare notes on topics ranging from temporal perception to "the soup of unconscious life" from which fictional characters arise.

David Shapiro

by John Haskell

Writer John Haskell discusses artist David Shapiro’s Money Is No Object, an autobiographical show in which receipts, bills, and ticket stubs collected by Shapiro over the course of a year are reproduced meticulously by hand.

Rachel Hovnanian

by Mimi Thompson

Mimi Thompson profiles Rachel Hovnanian, an artist who hauntingly represents beauty at its most chilling in the form of sculptures, photographs, paintings, and narcissus petals.

BOMB 116
Summer 2011
The cover of BOMB 116