BOMB 115, Spring 2011

The cover of BOMB 115

Katherina Grosse, Luis Camnitzer, Robert Wyatt, Thomas Pletzinger & Sufjan Stevens, Jim Shepard, Sebastián Silva, Joe Fyfe, Deb Olin Unferth, Roberto Bolaño, Huma Bhabha, Emilie Clark . . .

Joe Fyfe

by Josh Blackwell

Joe Fyfe tells painter Josh Blackwell about his involvement in abstraction as a by-product of loss and the wabi-sabi discovered on his travels to Vietnam, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh.

Danzig Baldaev's Drawings from the Gulag

by John Reed

Danzig Baldaev, hired by the KGB to document tattoo symbolism within the Russian penal system, secretly sketched the atrocities inflicted on political prisoners. The drawings are now published in Drawings from the Gulag.

Sebastián Silva

by Christian Viveros-Fauné

Sebastián Silva’s highly realistic films are also thrillers. Set in Chile and performed by ensemble casts who replicate their counterparts in life with stunning veracity, his latest film, Old Cats, opens in New York this spring.

Rona Yefman

by Michel Auder

Check out 2 exclusive videos by Rona Yefman! For 14 years, Israeli artist Yefman has chronicled the gender transition of her sibling, Gil. In the new issue, video artist Michel Auder interprets the works’ chaotic, familial boundaries.

Jorge Queiroz

by Emilie Clark

Jorge Queiroz’s drawings are caught somewhere between dream-state and linear reality. New York artist Emilie Clark questions the multivalent act of seeing them.

Jim Shepard

by Christie Hodgen

In the ambitious stories in Shepard’s latest collection, You Think That’s Bad, psychological insight is derived from the characters’ exposure to extreme duress. Shepard discusses his short stories with fiction writer Christie Hodgen.

Katharina Grosse

by Ati Maier

Berlin-based painter Katharina Grosse sees infinite potential in the marriage of imagination and projection. Her work is on view now at the MOCA Cleveland and at the High Museum in Atlanta.

Sibyl Kempson

by Kristen Kosmas

The two playwrights and performers on the drawbacks of being in constant production mode versus the pleasures of, and requirements for, the incubation of plays: a dose of folly and wonderment.

Thomas Pletzinger

by Sufjan Stevens

Writer Thomas Pletzinger and New York-musician Sufjan Stevens on life on the road, their favorite brooklyn haunts, and Pletzinger’s novel Funeral for a Dog

Robert Wyatt

by Shadia Mansour

Musician and composer Robert Wyatt, renowned for his vocals and complex blends of pop, jazz, and world music, bridges the generation gap with the emerging “first lady of Arabic hip-hop” Shadia Mansour.

BOMB 115
Spring 2011
The cover of BOMB 115