BOMB 111, Spring 2010

The cover of BOMB 111

Guy Ben-Ner, Patricia Clarkson, Edgar Arceneaux, Charles Gaines, Rick Lowe, Charles Bernstein, Jay Sanders, Sam Lipsyte, Christopher Sorrentino, Carlos Reygadas, David Sylvian,Keith Rowe, T. J. Wilcox . . .

Guy Ben-Ner

by Thom Donovan

Guy Ben-Ner merges family life with literary tropes and texts to produce his videos. The result is comedy colliding with erudite allusion. He has some video work on display at Postmasters Gallery through May 8th.

Patricia Clarkson

by Howard Altmann

With major roles in over 30 films in the past decade, Patricia Clarkson has transcended the ageist stereotype of the American female actor. The star of Woody Allen’s Whatever Works and the upcoming Cairo Time talks with poet Howard Altmann.

Edgar Arceneaux, Charles Gaines & Rick Lowe

Three artists converge at Gaines’s LA studio to unpack the paradoxes and challenges of public practices such as Arceneaux’s Watts House Project in Los Angeles and Lowe’s Project Row Houses in Houston.

David Sylvian

by Keith Rowe

If you’ve heard singer-songwriter David Sylvian’s indelible voice, you’ll share cult guitarist Keith Rowe’s desire to place it. Here they focus on the recent Manafon, their joint journey into the outer limits of popular song.

Alex Hubbard

by Josef Strau

Strau on “dangerous formalism” and the work of Hubbard, whose latest is on view now at Hammer Projects in Los Angeles.

Joanna Malinowska

by Jimbo Blachly

Surrounded by “empty objects longing to be powerful,” Jimbo Blachy confronts Joanna Malinowska’s eclectic and mysterious exhibition Time of Guerrilla Metaphysics at CANADA gallery.

Sam Lipsyte

by Christopher Sorrentino

Lipsyte’s abrasively funny protagonists, holy schlemiels, according to fellow novelist Christopher Sorrentino, reel between stasis and crisis—never more so than in his latest The Ask.

Carlos Reygadas

by Jose Castillo

Reygadas—who just won Best Director at Cannes for his new film Post Tenebras Lux—is more interested in his actors’ presence than their technique. He discusses why feel-good movies make him feel bad with Jose Castillo.

T. J. Wilcox

by Anne Collier

Photographer Collier engaged the filmmaker with banter on the allure of buried legends Marie Antoinette and the Mitford sisters, obsolete film stock, and old gay New York.

Charles Bernstein

by Jay Sanders

For Bernstein poetry constitutes in equal measure play of voices and verbal art. Jay Sanders speaks with the poet and essayist upon the release of his volume of selected poems All the Whiskey in Heaven.

Black Ice

by Joshua Furst

Fiction for Driving Across America Listen to Joshua Furst reading his short story "Black Ice," originally published in BOMB 111, in the seventh installment in BOMB’s literary podcast series.

BOMB 111
Spring 2010
The cover of BOMB 111