BOMB 108, Summer 2009

The cover of BOMB 108

Lou Reed, Guy Maddin, Isabella Rossellini, Nam Le, Charles D'Ambrosio, Carrie Mae Weems, Jacques Roubaud, Bill Callahan, Nature Theater of Oklahoma, Harry Dodge, Stanya Kahn, Dike Blair . . .

The Bar On Tompkins Square Park

by Frederic Tuten

Fiction for Driving Across America Listen to Frederic Tuten read his short story “The Bar On Tompkins Square Park,” originally published in BOMB 108, the fifth installment in BOMB’s literary podcast series.

WEB EXTRA Hear a recording of Jacques Roubaud reading at the French Embassy in New York on April 4, 2009, as part of the Oulipo in New York festival.

In French: 1:24-12:02

In English: 48:55-51:12

Trevor Paglen's Blank Spots on the Map

by Nick Stillman

Artist and experimental geographer Trevor Paglen finds an 21st-century application of frontier photography in cataloguing America’s “black world,” the confidential satellites and secret prisons that remain blank spots on American maps.

Two Books on Graffiti

by Matthew Aaron Goodman

Matthew Aaron Goodman reviews two books on Graffiti: Jack Stewart’s Graffiti Kings: New York City Mass Transit Art of the 1970s, and Subway Art: 25th Anniversary Edition, by Martha Cooper and Henry Chalfant.

Harry Dodge & Stanya Kahn

by Michael Smith

Dodge and Kahn’s comedy takes the form of high art in lowbrow drag with mythic accoutrements, fringe weirdos, and activist slants. They talked (off-camera) with fellow performer Michael Smith about charged fragility and being abducted by the moment.


by Matthew Sharpe

This First Proof captures the collaboration between Adam Simon and Matthew Sharpe with text and paintings respectively.

In The Loop, his most recent novel in English, Roubaud probes the precision of his memories with mathematical zeal. He generously reminisces here—on his involvement with Oulipo, and much more.

Novelist Jon Raymond calls Callahan’s early music as Smog, “gorgeous, literate, and bleak-hearted.” Raymond taps into Callahan’s passion for boxing and influences like DC hardcore and the Meat Puppets.

Guy Maddin and Isabella Rossellini

Guy Maddin, consummate Winnipegian experimentalist, and Isabella Rossellini, his Scanditalian muse, on what else but their dream-life, mothers and fathers, classical drama, and, yes, melodrama!

Carrie Mae Weems

by Dawoud Bey

Carrie Mae Weems has a muse, an avatar, an alter-ego. Photographer Dawoud Bey and Weems discuss how her guide—this stand-in for history—bears witness to race, class, and migration.

D’Ambrosio wrote of Nam Le’s prize-winning story collection, The Boat, “This book journeys across time and space, history and continents.” The authors roam across the literary terrain of Hemingway, Greene, and an asymptotic ocean.

Michael Combs

by Rob Fischer

Michael Combs’s sculptures mix the Waspiness of traditional animal mounts with the taboo fetish sexuality of carved wooden birds wearing leather masks, emerging from leather strap-ons, and draped—flaccid—over Winchester gun stocks.

Dike Blair and Joe Bradley

Artists Dike Blair and Joe Bradley set the record straight on irony and sincerity, kitsch and the sublime, anarchy and aestheticism. Bradley curated a Group Shoe at Gavin Brown, on view through July 30.

Simmons’ show Wilderness is up at Nicole Klagsbrun through May 28th. Fellow artist Adam Pendleton discusses her composed and staged, yet disquieting, images.

Nature Theater of Oklahoma

by Young Jean Lee

Young Jean Lee interviews Kelly Copper and Pavol Liška, founders and directors of the Nature Theater of Oklahoma. Their production of Romeo & Juliet runs through 1/17 at The Kitchen.

BOMB 108
Summer 2009
The cover of BOMB 108