BOMB 104, Summer 2008

The cover of BOMB 104

The Boredoms, Peter Saul, Catherine Sullivan & Meg Stuart, Kalup Linzy, Will Eno, James Timberlake, Mike Davis, Dara Birnbaum, and literary pull-out First Proof, with Nancy Spero cover.

William E. Jones's Tearoom

by Roberto Tejada

Tearoom documents a two-week entrapment sting in a public restroom in Mansfield, Ohio, recording not only 1960s oppressive scapegoating but also the eroticization of police training footage, voyeuristically shot from behind a two-way mirror.

Crystal Castles

by Nicole Steinberg

Crystal Castles is nightmarish, inorganic, paranoid, and garbled—Ethan Kath and Alice Glass’s manufactured response to a society obsessed and isolated by the electronic world.

Catherine Sullivan and Meg Stuart

Sullivan’s film installations combine performance, dance, original scores, and song. With choreographer and dancer Stuart on misfire, the body politics, and controlling chaos in ensemble-based work.

Kalup Linzy

by Nick Stillman

Inimitable performance artist Kalup Linzy discusses his family’s southern history and the characters in his ongoing series of camp soap operas. His work is part of a group show, On Shuffle, at Lehmann Maupin, through August 19.

This First Proof contains the poems “Gioconda on Seventh Avenue,” “Local or Strange,” and “Mr. Stravinsky.”

Peter Saul

by Saul Ostrow

Peter Saul—painter of satirical and ribald images since the 1960s—has a show which opens at Mary Boone on March 24.

James Timberlake

by Devon Golden

The projects undertaken by the architecture and design firm KieranTimberlake Associates have redefined green design and off-site fabrication. Timberlake discusses their project for MoMA’s Home Delivery: Fabricating the Modern Dwelling.

Mike Davis

by Lucy Raven

The booming business of the Mexico/U.S. border: Davis, chronicler extraordinaire of these apocalyptic times, connects the dots between the War on Terror, the War against Drugs, Immigration and Homeland Security.


by Hisham Akira Bharoocha

Seven is to good fortune what eight is to infinity. On September 7, Japanese noise band Boredoms release a DVD documentary, 77 Boar Drum, of their incredible drum circle performance at Brooklyn Bridge Park in 2007.

Will Eno

by Joe Sola

The Select Equity Group Series on Theater. Eno, who’s been hailed as “the Beckett of the John Stewart generation,” with his collaborator Sola at the former Howard Johnson’s restaurant and points beyond.

Janet Sarbanes's Army of One

by Rachel Kushner

Prompted by a televised army ad, the protagonist of Army of One’s title story starts her own military as a way to reach “full individualized potential,” just one of the many ways Janet Sarbanes gets at feelings both silly and dead-serious.

Tristan Perich

by Michèle Gerber Klein

What exactly is music? Michèle Gerber Klein tackles this question in an examination of Tristan Perich and his edgy 1-Bit style, reviewing a performance at the Whitney Museum in February of 2008.

Charles Goldman

by B. Wurtz

B. Wurtz on the ambiguousness sculptor Charles Goldman aims for between “where his art ends and the rest of the world begins.”

BOMB 104
Summer 2008
The cover of BOMB 104