BOMB 103, Spring 2008

The cover of BOMB 103

Philip Seymour Hoffman, Harmony Korine, Steve DiBenedetto, Zachary Lazar, Raja Alem, Jonathan Lethem & Lydia Millet, Tav Falco, Joseph Bartscherer & James Welling, Martin Wilner . . .

Harmony Korine

by Richard Bishop

Harmony Korine’s newest film, Trash Humpers, premiered in 2009 at the Toronto Film Festival. He spoke with Richard Bishop about Mister Lonely in this 2008 interview.

Indran Amirthanayagam and Adam Zameenzad

Amirthanayagam, born in Sri Lanka and currently an American diplomat, with England-based Zameenzad, on fundamentalism in the West and the Middle East, friendship, and the multilingual imagination.

Raja Alem

by Tom McDonough

Arabia’s Nabokov emails with her friend and translator on Bedouin spells, the divine in fly fishing, and their newest project, My Thousand and One Nights.

Jonathan Lethem and Lydia Millet

An email conversation between Jonathan Lethem and Lydia Millet, as unpredictable as some of their characters—a devoted IRS employee, talking animals, a paranoid critic, and a ghostwriter working for injured athletes among them. 

Tav Falco

by Erik Morse

The blues-rock provocateur on his historico-musico revue. A protegé of Eggleston, Falco also photographed and filmed ‘60s and ’70s Memphis blues. WEB EXTRA: Listen to a song by "(external)Tav Falco’s Panther Burns":/issues/103/articles/3125!

This First Proof contains the poems “Kate Moss Queries Her Counselor on the Nature of Love” and “To the Blue Group Marc Jacobs Explains His Haunting.” 

Chicha is Coming

by Renato Gómez

Peruvian poet and musician Renato Gómez highlights chicha, the Lima–based hybrid musical phenomenon that fights from the margins to keep a Peruvian musical tradition alive.

Nico Muhly's Speaks Volumes

by Craig Lucas

Composer Nico Muhly’s first album, influenced by Reich, Glass, and Adams and drawing out the percussive idiosyncrasies of classical instruments, raises goosebumps for reviewer Craig Lucas.

Robert Lyons's Intimate Enemy

by Kristin Prevallet

The photographic collection Intimate Enemy confronts viewers with the confusion of, and their complicity in, the Rwandan genocide by juxtaposing uncaptioned images of killers and victims, forcing readers to draw their own distinctions.

Second Life's Ars Virtua

by Penelope Umbrico

Reviewer Penelope Umbrico braves the dragons and orcs of online world Second Life to uncover virtual gallery exhibitions and artist residencies Honesty Is Our Policy, Looks Very Tidy, and 13 Most Beautiful Avatars.

This First Proof contains the poems “Immigrant # 8: Under a Public Skin” and “Immigrant #9: Incantation by Phone.” 

Ugo Rondinone: Big Mind Sky

by Saul Ostrow

Big Mind Sky is sculptor Ugo Rondinone’s exercise in disparate scales, juxtaposing 12 gargantuan busts with a single metal keyhole, suggesting some still-inaccessible space beyond the grinning statues.

BOMB 103
Spring 2008
The cover of BOMB 103