BOMB 101, Fall 2007

The cover of BOMB 101

Junot Díaz & Edwidge Danticat, Peter Doig & Chris Ofili, R. Stevie Moore & David Shrigley, Isaac Julien, David Malouf & Colm Tóibín, Richard Pare, Winter Miller, and Marine Hugonnier & Manon de Boer.

Richard Pare

by Michèle Gerber Klein

Pare’s symphonic photographs (on view at MoMA through October in The Lost Vanguard) celebrate the short-lived Russian experiment in modernist architecture and its utopian dream.

Winter Miller

by Evangeline Morphos

Winter Miller accompanied Pulitzer Prize–winning journalist Nicholas Kristof to Chad, interviewing refugees from the Darfur genocide. The result: her stark, highly emotional play In Darfur.

Isaac Julien

by Martina Kudláček

Filmed in Sicily, Small Boats completes the trilogy Cast No Shadow (commissioned by PERFORMA 07). The two directors speak about migration, transition, and fallen angels.

Marine Hugonnier and Manon de Boer

The filmmakers emailed between London and Brussels, comparing notes on their working process, the high emotion of beginning a shot, and the theory underlying their projects, from anthropology and psychoanalysis to cinema verité.

D-L Alvarez

by Nell McClister

D-L Alvarez’s drawing series The Closet uncovers a new element of slasher films, the transvestite other who emerges in Halloween‘s masks and Psycho’s matricide.

David Malouf

by Colm Tóibín

David Malouf is Australia’s preeminent author. Knopf just released The Complete Stories, his astonishing collection that spans the 20th century. Colm Tóibín queries Malouf on the casualties of war and the dual nature of Australia’s history.

Junot Díaz

by Edwidge Danticat

Just named a MacArthur Fellow, Díaz spoke with Danticat in 2007 about his Pulitzer Prize-winning novel The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao.

Cameron Martin

by Dike Blair

Reviewer Dike Blair imagines the history of Cameron Martin’s triptych Black Sun, descended either from a sci-fi planet or Monet’s Giverny haystacks.

This First Proof contains the poems “Skin On Skin Off Skin On Skin Off” and selections from Halleluhjah Blackout.

Ellen Harvey

by Mónica de la Torre

Mónica de la Torre on how despite the fact that the purpose of Ellen Harvey’s project “The Museum of Failure” is to illustrate that “all art fails,” there is no reason to stop making art.

Booklyn's ABC Series

by Brian McMullen

Samizdat-supporting arts organization Booklyn moves into the realm of chapbooks with its ABC series, featuring surprises you won’t find on Amazon: a diary covered in fabric from The Gates or a poetry collection bound in the author’s hair.

Tris Vonna-Michell

by Cathleen Chaffee

Tris Vonna-Michell’s forthcoming exhibition at Metro Pictures features a range of installation narratives and sound edits. In this piece from 2007, Cathleen Chaffee illuminates the artist’s painstaking, detective-like process for his installations.

William L. Fox

by Jenny Price

William L. Fox writes about nature but is not a nature writer; instead, he is a cultural critic, a geographer, and a historian, examining the self-mythologizing tendencies of the American West.

Big Dance Theater

by John Haskell

Annie-B Parson and Paul Lazar have compressed dance and theater into their own spectacular hybrid. Parson discusses her sources and influences at the root of the dance company.

R. Stevie Moore

by David Shrigley

The infinitely prolific songwriter R. Stevie Moore will play in New York on August 11. He talks process and practice with artist David Shrigley, whose career was recently surveyed in a retrospective at London’s Hayward Gallery.

BOMB 101
Fall 2007
The cover of BOMB 101