BOMB 100, Summer 2007

The cover of BOMB 100

Kara Walker by Matthea Harvey, Kate Valk, Joe Zucker & Chuck Close, Béla Tarr, Péter Nádas, Mamma Andersson, Howard Norman, and Benedict Mason.

Robbie Conal

by Steve Earle

Steve Earle on how Robbie Conal’s satirical, defiantly political drawings involve a constant process of teaching and learning.

Howard Norman

by Susan Shreve

The celebrated author of The Bird Artist—an intrepid traveler and award-winning translator of Native American and Inuit folktales—discusses his latest novel, Devotion.

Béla Tarr

by Fionn Meade

With recent DVD releases of his films and a Cannes premiere this spring, the legendary Hungarian filmmaker has morphed from rebel outsider into cult auteur. The Man from London premieres this fall at the 44th New York Film Festival.

Péter Nádas

by Davis Kovacs

Péter Nádas’s newly translated Parallel Stories is an epic exploration of lives both private and political. With Davis Kovacs, Nádas reflects on the synchronism of differences.

Sharp? Monk? Sharp! Monk!

by Steve Holtje

In tribute to Thelonious Monk, avant-garde guitarist Elliott Sharp improvises variations on the theme of Monk’s melodies, collected on the aptly named Sharp? Monk? Sharp! Monk!.

Benedict Mason

by George Steel

The postmodern composer’s gleeful, spatialized works orchestrate invented instruments inside, outside, and all around the theater. A brilliant manipulation of form and perception.

Visible Language, Fluxus Issues

by Saul Ostrow

Visible Language’s two issues devoted to the Fluxus movement are the perfect match of medium and content: a journal about the written word for a movement that exploited and assaulted language.

Chris Marker: Staring Back

by Lucy Raven

Sparked by images of Paris workers’ rights demonstrations reminiscent of 1962 film Le Joli Mai, Chris Marker created Staring Back, a 200-piece exhibition of paintings, photographs, and film stills of staring.

Kate Valk

by David Salle Sarah French

National treasure Kate Valk, on her acting life with the famed Wooster Group, their interpretation of Hamlet, and channeling the ghosts of legends. Part of the Select Equity Group Series on Theater.

Joe Zucker

by Chuck Close

Revisit Joe Zucker's take on the American Way in this 2007 interview with friend-from-the-old-days Chuck Close.

Kara Walker

by Matthea Harvey

Walker’s charged antebellum imagery has engendered heated debate. Poet Matthea Harvey charts the personal and historical sources of its provocation.

Mamma Andersson

by Christian Hawkey

Brooklyn poet Christian Hawkey and Swedish painter Mamma Andersson begin this correspondence with a rumination on memory, architecture, and turtles.

BOMB 100
Summer 2007
The cover of BOMB 100