BOMB 1, Spring 1981

The cover of BOMB 1

Betsy Sussler by Craig Gholson, Carl Apfelschnitt by Sarah Charlesworth, Michael McClard by Kathy Acker, Eric Mitchell, Becky Johnston, and Amos Poe. Cover design by Sarah Charlesworth.

Subway Riders: Amos Poe

by Sarah Charlesworth

Filmmaker Amos Poe discusses the making of Subway Riders, a film about a serial killer/saxophonist played by John Lurie. Poe explains his casting rationale, the importance of catching the zeitgeist, and his dreams of Hollywood backing.

Sigmund Freud's Dora

A review of Anthony McCall, Claire Pajaczkowska, Andrew Tyndall, and Jane Weinstock’s film, Sigmund Freud’s Dora. The film explores an unresolved psychoanalysis published by Freud as “Fragment of an Analysis.”

Becky Johnston

by Betsy Sussler

In her film Sleepless Nights, Becky Johnston choreographs the “linguistic rape” of a woman who finds herself torn between three obsessive men. Betsy Sussler explores the secret subtexts beneath Johnston’s fragmented narrative style.

Betsy Sussler's Menage

by Craig Gholson

In this vintage interview from the 1981 inaugural issue of BOMB Magazine, co-founder and editor-in-chief Betsy Sussler talks about her role in the making of Menage.

Black Moon

by Gary Indiana

From childhood memories of the Cold War to Pope sighting with Viva, Gary Indiana writes a connection “between religion and nuclear war” in his short story “Black Moon.”

Great Expectations

by Kathy Acker

Rebel writer Kathy Acker’s short story "Great Expectations" revisits Dickens through a punk lens. A touchstone of sorts, this piece opens BOMB issue 1.

Fag Rag

by Terence Sellers

Watch your back. Terence Sellers warns of the perils on the grittier side of the street in her short story “Fag Rag”.

Carl Apfelschnitt

by Sarah Charlesworth

Carl Apfelschnitt describes his hands-on, raw approach to abstract painting as the "expressionistic" work of a "primordial monster". Sarah Charlesworth probes the artist about how he becomes "part of the paint".

Spring 1981
The cover of BOMB 1