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Momentarily Becalmed

by Pierre Alexandre de Looz

This year's Architectural League Prize for Young Architects & Designers convenes work that probes an "unstable environment."

The winning projects for 2016, which are now on view at Parson's Sheila C. Johnson Design Center at the New School until July 30th, bracket a world undergoing (big) change in delicate ways, much as this year's competition theme—"(im)permanence"—holds back the boogieman of instability with a mere parenthesis. Elegant, finely crafted drawings and pristine models treat issues like space junk, rampant real-estate speculation, and remedying the post-industrial, post-colonial environment. There's also a good showing of simply sure-footed design. As Program Director at the Architectural League, Anne Rieselbach explains, "The theme is geared to elicit different modes of interpretation and envelope a spectrum of work. It leaves the critical interpretation to the entrants."

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