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Dispatch from Standing Rock #2

by Ati Maier

Brooklyn-based artist Ati Maier is currently in North Dakota, where she has joined the Standing Rock Sioux in their demonstrations against the Dakota Access Pipeline. In these short dispatches, she’ll be sharing her own candid photos and video clips, along with statements from tribal leaders, artists, and other water protectors among the thousands that have gathered at the Oceti Sakowin encampment.

This second installment features images of the nearby native communities of Wakpala, McLaughlin, and Fort Yates—their snowy roads, memorials, gravestones, homes, and offices. These areas have some of the highest rates of teenage pregnancy, drug abuse, and suicide in the country, and the average yearly income of its residents is well below the national poverty line. Geraldine Agard, former tribal councilperson and current Standing Rock election coordinator, comments on how the demonstrations have effected life on the reservation for the better and also recounts what she regards as a prophetic warning from generations past.

Ati Maier is a German-born artist based in Brooklyn. Her exhibition at Pierogi gallery—which features her film The Placeless Place alongside works on paper, objects, and 3D animation—is on view through December 23, 2017.

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