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Literature : first proof

Spaced-out and deft, Zawacki’s sonnets set trajectories by which form irradiates form and the discrete or familiar gives way to luminous flux.

Meghann Riepenhoff, Redstar Imploding, 2009, unique chromogenic photogram (sand, polysobutyl methacrylate + sorbitan trioleate + dichlorodifluoromethane [silly string], snow negative), 20 × 16 inches. Courtesy of the artist.




Squall through the safsaf willow

Is why the tree is

Dodge dark, burn bright the

Anthracite air, arthritic


Branch : sine wave &

What’s there

I have dreams & you’re

In them


At hyperfocal distance the leaves :

1050 denier double weave

No thing ever in

My arms will ever break


– It’s snowing

– What is it




Daughter & laughter—a letter


A part

Of terra firma & infirm


As a poppy reddens

In porch light

In frost

Whithersoever it’s wired


Daughter is an

Edge, edge

A verb—


I knew you

Were you before

You knew




Snow as a hellbox of letters erased

Pas de doudou, pas de dodo

Winter & the promise

Of its pageant in the world


But rain is a radio signal, repeated

Synth patch : thunder

—a gunflower blooms—

Lightning : infrared


Cat’s grin (an app for that)

Your white pajamas your

Noh play face

Bathed in the light of the microwave





Andrew Zawacki is the author of the poetry books Errormirror (Mindmade), Arrow's Shadow (Equipage), Petals of Zero Petals of One (Talisman House), Anabranch (Wesleyan), and By Reason of Breakings (Georgia). Coeditor of Verse, The Verse Book of Interviews (Verse), and Gustaf Sobin’s Collected Poems (Talisman), he also edited Afterwards: Slovenian Writing 1945-1995 (White Pine). He edited and co-translated Aleš Debeljak’s Without Anesthesia: New and Selected Poems (Persea), and translated Sébastien Smirou, My Lorenzo, (Burning Deck).

Meghann Riepenhoff teaches at the San Francisco Art Institute. She has had solo shows at El Museo de la Ciudad de México and Duncan Miller Gallery in Los Angeles. Her work has been featured in Harper’s and B&W and Color Magazine. She was selected as an artist-in-residence at the RayKo Photo Center and the Banff Centre for the Arts. She has lectured with the San Francisco Photo Alliance and the Headlands Center for Research, and has hosted workshops on the value of photography for at-risk youth.