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Dispatch from Standing Rock #4

by Ati Maier

Brooklyn-based artist Ati Maier is currently in North Dakota, where she has joined the Standing Rock Sioux in their demonstrations against the Dakota Access Pipeline. This fourth installment features images and audio captured just after the Army Corps of Engineers’ announcement that it will not approve an easement to allow the pipeline to cross under the Missouri River.

While the news has been heralded as a victory for the thousands gathered at the Oceti Sakowin encampment, many water protectors have underscored the fact that their fight is far from over. Eric, a veteran who has been at Standing Rock since early November, provides commentary, vowing to stay until all pipeline equipment has been removed. Spiritual leader Coyote, meanwhile, remarks on the importance of indigenous prayer practices and respect for natural resources so often regarded as mere commodities.

Ati Maier is a German-born artist based in Brooklyn. Her exhibition at Pierogi gallery—which features her film The Placeless Place alongside works on paper, objects, and 3D animation—is on view through December 23, 2017.

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