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by Penis


Logo and animations by Ebecho Muslimova, video edited by Ebecho Muslimova and Sophia Cleary.


Penis Tenets

We make music from joy and rage.
  We are flamboyantly nice and really angry.

We're bored with fetishized mastery—we believe in virtuosity of the self.
 We publicize our vulnerabilities and try to learn from our mistakes.

We adjust our expectations and check in with ourselves: "Do I like this? Is this fun?"
  WE decide whether or not Penis has value in our lives.

We collaborate as a means of nurturing our friendship.
  We create music to heal ourselves and others. 

We trust ourselves and our creativity. 
  We are committed to transformation. 

We are Penis.
  Penis is Sophia Cleary and Samara Davis.


Penis will be opening for The Julie Ruin on October 14, 2016 at the Roxy Theatre in Los Angeles. Ebecho Muslimova is an artist based in New York. Listen to Penis's EP here.