Art : Interview

Tina Barney discusses her new book and highlights favorite photos and stories.

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“It’s sort of interesting to see your work made in a different scale for the first time and what really happens. There’s an intimacy there in that your eyes sort of bounce back and forth and can move around the page very easily….”

In 1995, BOMB said of Tina Barney’s photography: Often described as a combination of Monet and Henry James, the photographs are more like Walker Evans taken through the looking glass. Her newly released book Players serves as a hand-held retrospective which juxtaposes the photographs of her career spanning from commercial fashion photography, editorial projects, and personally-commissioned portraiture.

Edited and designed by Chip Kidd, Players not only showcases some of Barney’s unpublished work, but also gives her well-known photos new context.

Michele Gerber-Klein is a writer on fashion and photography, and has conducted several interviews with photographers for BOMB, including Robert Polidori and Richard Pare.