Marina Adams, from New Alphabet, 2010, 12 × 12 inches, gouache on handmade Indian paper. All images courtesy of the artist.

Marina Adams, from New Alphabet, 2010, 12 × 12 inches, gouache on handmade Indian paper. All images courtesy of the artist.


         OF LOVE
           AND OF POSTERS”

realism:—war is kind is the title of a
poem the guy told me, a shell in the kernel,
those fluttering flags at the top of the tower, shadow of an arc
against the wall, sunspots on shadow wars

a woman looks at the toe of her boot inventing the present and presuming
a kind of accuracy or at least
theatricality, tensions between elements
almost implausible, a fugue, a kind of
authorial sampling, funnels

of forms of violence “evidence-based”—


—Raphael Rubinstein

Missing something? Twenty more years to see & smell the Mediterranean again (perhaps). White hair. Beautiful white heart on the froth in the bowl of café au lait this morning. C.C. in her vest and white shirt. I have just set my cigarette on fire. A book just flew over. Next time you are in town, we’ll meet. Did it say more oil or mere oil? Then it was too short. How could I have missed it?



says Pasternak. Step away when the song is about to fall into the air. Everything gets short like those old etchings. Complete in your mind the balcony of history. Her white blouse untucked in this heat, car keys glittering in his hand as he walks away. A man falls onto the deck, hit but not sunk. He sits on the chair, looking over at the other chair. When we consider history—be quiet! Redeemable, we will get you a new dream. My memories, I leave them to you.


Marina Adams is a painter living and working in New York and Parma, Italy. Her work has been exhibited in the US and Europe. She had a one-person exhibition at Magazzino d’Arte Moderna in Rome and a recent solo exhibition at CUE Art Foundation in NYC. She is a visiting art professor at Rhode Island School of Design. An installation shot and individual images of New Alphabet can be seen at


Norma Cole’s most recent books of poetry are Where Shadows Will: Selected Poems 1988–2008 and NATURAL LIGHT. A book of essays and talks, TO BE AT MUSIC just appeared from Omnidawn Press. Cole has received awards from the Gerbode Foundation, Gertrude Stein Awards, Fund for Poetry, and Foundation for Contemporary Arts. She teaches at the University of San Francisco.

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