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Mostly Shadows at Art in General

by Richard J. Goldstein


Following is a recording accompanied by a series of stills from video documentation of the June 11th opening of Mostly Shadows at Art in General.



Listen to the recording here:

If there is an edge to painting, has anyone ever jumped off? Klein jumped, or so staged it. He is the point of departure for Joyce Kim ’s most recent body of work. It’s no accident she has made the move from gray, ever present in her Le Samourai paintings, to blue in respect to Klein’s International Blue. Her versions of his blue are faded by time—blues bordering on sun-bleached lavender, cornflower, and robin’s egg. In this way, she recognizes a painting’s past ideals transformed through time and her current exhibition at Art in General is aptly titled Mostly Shadows.

Her June 11th opening at Art in General featured a new installation of painting, text, and suede by Kim with readings of the artist’s text by actress Katharina Stenbeck followed by musician Carlos Roque on guitar. Seeing the wires of the amps strewn across the floor before the performance brought a sense of anticipation, and seeing the wires in the context of the painting brought the sense of being on the brink of the jump where Kim’s work is perched.



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Richard J. Goldstein is a Brooklyn-based painter and writer.


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