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A Statement on the Election

by Betsy Sussler


BOMB #1, 1981, Cover by Sarah Charlesworth.

As an entity, BOMB stands with its fellow citizens in defense of our civil liberties. We deplore the manipulation of legitimate fears over the loss of jobs and secure futures, the demonization of the helpless and minorities, in order to gain political power. The propagation of hate, racism, and lies has no place in American government.

We are proud of our nation's heritage as a melting pot, as a refuge from persecution and intolerance, and as a standard bearer of freedom. Those values are what make our nation great; they are based in humanism, and as citizens that's what we must defend.

BOMB delivers the artist's voice. As contributors and readers, you are a part of this mandate. Over the coming months and years we will redouble our efforts to ensure artists of all backgrounds, communities, and ethnicities are heard, because that's democracy.

Betsy Sussler, Editor in Chief