William Dafoe as Vance. All photographs by Jeanette Montgomery.

The Loveless echoes the exclusively modulated cynicism found in American writers from Chandler to Bukowski with more than a suggestion that people become outlaws long before they commit crimes.”

—Neil Norman the Face

Tina L'Hotsky as Sportster Debby.

Written & Directed by
Kathyrn Bigelow
Monty Montgomery

Produced by
Grafton Nunes
A. Kitman Ho

Music by
Robert Gordon

Director of photography
Doyle Smith

Production designer
Lilly Kilvert

Willem Dafoe
Robert Gordon
J. Don Ferguson & Marin Kanter


The year is 1959. The location: a small southern town. Against this backdrop, five bikers and a 16-year-old girl leave the town with a memory the residents will never forget. (color, 90 minutes)

Robert Gordon as Davis.

Distributed by Atlantic Releasing Corporation
Release date: October ’83

American South
independent film
Fall 1983
The cover of BOMB 7