This is Wittgenstein: “If we have a prerecorded universe in which everything is prerecorded, then the only thing that is not prerecorded are the prerecordings themselves! If with my cut ups I was attempting to tamper with the original prerecordings, then I think I have succeeded to some modest extent.”

Allen Ginsburg, Photograph of William Burroughs, NYC 1953.

“. . . it was the piecemeal portrait of a very strange man. And it was fascinating, as intermittently beautiful and as funny as the man’s own work."

—Lucy Hughes Hallett, The Standard

Allen Ginsburg, Lucien Cart, William Burroughs.

“. . . If he is a demon, he is one who has cleverly disguised himself as an elf; like many genuises, he has retained a childlike quality which renders him invulnerable . . ."

—Peter Ackroyd, The Times

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Fall 1983
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