Honor Moore & Victoria Redel



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Honor Moore & Victoria Redel
Housing Works Bookstore, New York City
June 30, 2008

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“It’s so interesting – the role of coincidence in writing any book is so mysterious”

— Honor Moore

Honor Moore’s father, the Bishop Paul Moore, captivated the nation by bringing political activism into the priesthood even while he struggled with a deeply guarded secret. Victoria Redel’s fictional father, Itzaak, escaped from Nazi-occupied Belgium with his own haunting secret to keep, most especially from his daughter, Sarah.

The two authors spoke about their books, The Bishop’s Daughter, a memoir, and The Border of Truth, a novel, before a live audience in lower Manhattan at Housing Works Bookstore, a non-profit organization that provides housing, health care, job training, advocacy, and other services for homeless New Yorkers living with HIV and AIDS.

For more information about Housing Works, visit their website.

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*Photography: Rob Lyons & Michael Lisnet

Sound: Phil Shipman

Editing: Courtney Nicolson*