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literature : interview

Felix Bernstein & Cecilia Corrigan

Art : Interview

Matthew Weinstein

by Laurie Simmons
Music : Editor’s Choice

Disco Patrick & Patrick Vogt's Disco

by Nick Stillman
Film : Interview

Jesse McLean

by Pamela Cohn
Theater : Interview

Taylor Mac

by Katherine Cooper
Literature : Interview

LaTasha N. Nevada Diggs & Morgan Parker

by Virginia McLure
Music : Interview

Tim Heidecker

by Gary Canino
Dance : Interview

Neal Medlyn

by Rosa Goldensohn
Art : Interview

A.K. Burns

by Legacy Russell
Art : Interview

Ada Karczmarczyk

by Harry J. Weil
: Paper Clip

Paper Clip #30

by Jacob Forrest Severn
Art : Review

A Review of Paul McCarthy's Snow White Sex Orgy In Midtown

by Forrest Muelrath
Dance : Interview

Virtuosic Ass

by Lauren Grace Bakst
Literature : Editor’s Choice

Campbell McGrath’s In the Kingdom of the Sea Monkeys

by Peter Moysaenko
Music : Interview

Neil Michael Hagerty

by Keith Connolly
Literature : First Proof

Three Poems

by John Tranter
Art : Interview

Deborah Kass

by Irving Sandler
Art : Editor’s Choice

Dan Graham's Rock/Music Writings

by R. H. Quaytman
Art : Artists on Artists


by Gabriela Rangel
Literature : Word Choice

Burning Billboards

by Jacob Boyd
Art : Interview

Brandon Downing’s “负心的人 (Fu Xin De Ren), 2009″

by Mónica de la Torre
Literature : BOMB Live!

Robert Polito and David Trinidad

Art : Artists on Artists

Joyce Pensato

by Marcella Durand
Art : Artists on Artists

Robert Brinker

by Roberto Juarez
Art : Interview

Kalup Linzy

by Nick Stillman