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literature : interview

Felix Bernstein & Cecilia Corrigan

music : interview

Peter Jefferies

by Tobias Carroll
Art : Portfolio


by Stephen Crowe
Film : Editor’s Choice

The George Kuchar Reader, Edited by Andrew Lampert

by Kalup Linzy
Art : First Proof


by Robert Grenier
Art : Interview

Eric Fischl

by Betsy Sussler
Literature : first proof

My Struggle

by Karl Ove Knausgaård
Art : review

Dilly-Dally: Keith Sonnier's Sculptures

by Carlos Brillembourg
Art : First Proof

Bough Down

by Karen Green
Film : Interview

Alex Ross Perry

by Ryan Sheldon
Art : Interview

Jennifer and Kate Gilmore

Art : Interview

David Levi Strauss

by Hakim Bey
Music : Editor’s Choice

Peter Guralnick's Careless Love

by Jim Lewis
Architecture : portfolio

Poetry and Architecture, Architecture and Poetry

by John Hejduk…