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Art : interview

Bradford Young

by Sarah Salovaara
Art : Interview

Sophie T. Lvoff & Garrett Bradley

Literature : Editor’s Choice

Chloé Griffin's Edgewise: A Picture of Cookie Mueller

by Pati Hertling
Music : Interview

Dustin Wong & Takako Minekawa

Art : Oral History

Adger Cowans

by Carrie Mae Weems
Film : Interview

Nadav Lapid

by Liza Béar
Literature : Interview

Nicholas Rombes

by Andrew Gallix
Theater : Interview

Jay Scheib

by Alix Pearlstein
art : paper clip

Paper Clip #54

by Jacob Forrest Severn
Art : Interview

Michael Snow

by Alan Licht
Theater : Interview

Tom Noonan

by Sam Alper
Art : Interview

Matthew Barney and Gaspar Noé

Art : Interview

Amie Siegel

by Lynn Hershman Leeson
Art : Interview

Sabrina Gschwandtner

by Andrew Lampert
art : Paper Clip

Paper Clip #44

Art : Interview

Drew Liverman & Michael Ricioppo

by Andrew Bourne
Art : Interview

Chelsea Knight

by Sophie Buonomo
Literature : Review

Revolting Russians

by Chris Cumming
Literature : Essay

Ending It All With The First Picture

by David Brody
Art : Interview

I Will Speak Daggers

by Megan McDonald Walsh
Literature : Interview

Miranda July

by Feliz Lucia Molina
Art : Interview

Lucy Raven

by Jason Simon
Literature : interview

Geoff Dyer

by Jonathan Lethem
Literature : Interview

Damaged Goods: Shock Value

by Craig Hubert
Literature : portfolio

ONandOnScreen: Style is the Man

by Carter Ratcliff