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music : interview

Paola Prestini

by Helga Davis
Film : Interview

Béla Tarr, Fred Kelemen, & Mihály Víg

by Michael Guarneri
literature : interview

Helen DeWitt

by Mieke Chew
: Paper Clip

Paper Clip #73

by Ryan Sheldon
Art : Interview

Amy Sillman

by R. H. Quaytman
Art : Interview

Michael Craig-Martin

by Kristína Jarošová
Literature : Interview

Alissa Nutting

by Micaela Morrissette
Art : Interview

Luis Camnitzer

by Alejandro Cesarco
Literature : Interview

Adam Phillips

by Sameer Padania
Art : Artists on Artists


by David van der Leer
Literature : Editor’s Choice

Tim Rollins and KOS.: A History

by Lisa Kahane
Architecture : BOMB Live!

Matthew Coolidge

by Deborah Gans
Architecture : Interview

Sergio Fajardo y Giancarlo Mazzanti

Architecture : Interview

Sergio Fajardo and Giancarlo Mazzanti

Art : Interview

BOMBedu Art School Confidential: A Conversation with Ariel Alter, UCLA Senior

by Lena Valencia
Music : Interview

Pauline Oliveros

by Cory Arcangel
Art : Interview

Roman Signer

by Armin Senser
Design : Interview

Bruce Mau

by Kathryn Simon
Theater : Interview

Laura Linney

by Romulus Linney
Art : Editor’s Choice

Carrie Mae Weems's The Hampton Project

by Suzan Sherman
Literature : First Proof

The Prophet of Zongo Street

by Mohammed Naseehu Ali
Theater : Interview

Michael Frayn

by Marcy Kahan
Film : Editor’s Choice

Zhang Yimou's Not One Less

by Mark Magill
Literature : First Proof

Writing Class, Inpatient Psychiatry, Adolescent Unit

by Belle Waring
Literature : First Proof

Field Trips

by Stuart Dybek