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art : editor’s choice

Skinscreen: Art and Poetry at the New Museum’s Surround Audience Triennial

by Alan Gilbert
literature : interview

Maggie Nelson

by A.L. Steiner
literature : editor’s choice

Renée Green's Other Planes of There

by Thom Donovan
art : interview

Agnieszka Kurant

by Sabine Russ
art : interview

Nicholas Weist

by Ethan Philbrick
Art : Interview

Charles Simonds

by Christopher Lyon
Art : Interview

Moyra Davey

by Elisabeth Lebovici
Literature : Interview

Claudia Rankine

by Lauren Berlant
Art : Interview

Giuliana Bruno

by Sarah Oppenheimer
Literature : Editor’s Choice

Semiotext(e): 28 Pamphlets for the 2014 Whitney Biennial

by Corina Copp
Art : Editor’s Choice

Paul Chan's Selected Writings, 2000–2014
edited by George Baker and Eric Banks

by Alan Gilbert
Art : Editor’s Choice

Critical Practices, INC. at the Whitney Biennial / "Supposium 2014" at MoMA

by Mónica de la Torre
Art : Interview

Greg Lindquist

by Orit Gat
Art : Portfolio

BOMB Specific: Dear David: An Exchange

by David Geers…
Architecture : Interview

Stan Allen

by Nader Tehrani
Art : Editor’s Choice

Catherine Morris and Vincent Bonin's Materializing Six Years: Lucy R. Lippard and the Emergence of Conceptual Art

by Frances Richard
Art : Artists on Artists

Justin Lieberman

by Nic Guagnini
Art : Interview

Eija-Liisa Ahtila

by Cary Wolfe
Literature : Interview

Critical, Spatial

by Anna Altman
Architecture : Editor’s Choice

Hal Foster's The Art-Architecture Complex

by Carlos Brillembourg
Art : Interview

Luis Camnitzer

by Alejandro Cesarco
Literature : Editor’s Choice

Frédrique Bergholtz and Iberia Pérez's (Mis)Reading Masquerades

by Christopher Stackhouse
Literature : Editor’s Choice

Blind Handshake: David Humphrey Art Writing + Art, 1990–2008

by Stuart Horodner
art : Editor’s Choice

Two Books on Graffiti

by Matthew Aaron Goodman
Art : Interview

Josefina Guilisasti

by Yoshua Okón