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art : interview

Angie Keefer and Liz Magic Laser

literature : interview

China Miéville

by Paul La Farge
literature : review

Projectile Poetry

by Zoë Hitzig
music : interview

Hieroglyphic Being

by Kevin Beasley
art : interview

Nicholas Weist

by Ethan Philbrick
Literature : first proof

Three Voice Overs

by Joanna Howard
Theater : Interview

Taylor Mac

by Katherine Cooper
Literature : Editor’s Choice

Sergio Gonzalez Rodriguez's The Femicide Machine

by Ben Ehrenreich
Art : Interview

John Miller

by Liam Gillick
Literature : Interview

The George Saunders Interview, Part 1

by Patrick Dacey
Literature : Interview

Adam Phillips

by Sameer Padania
Art : Interview

Mika Rottenberg

by Judith Hudson
Literature : Interview

Sam Lipsyte

by Christopher Sorrentino
Art : essay

Outspoken: Con Artist Madoff Collects Mark Kostabi Paintings

by Kelly Devine Thomas
art : Interview

The Yes Men

by Steve Lambert
Art : Interview

Josephine Meckseper

by Flavin Judd
Art : Editor’s Choice

Jesal Kapadia

by Jennifer Liese
Architecture : Interview

Michael Bell

by Andrew Benjamin
Art : Interview

Santiago Sierra

by Teresa Margolles
Literature : Interview

Eduardo Galeano

by Jaime Manrique
Literature : First Proof

Day and Night, Part Two

by Lynne Tillman
Art : Interview

Lawrence Gipe

by David Humphrey
Literature : Interview

Campbell McGrath

by Dallas Crow
Theater : Interview

Tony Kushner

by Craig Lucas
Design : essay

A Thigh-Length History of the Fashion Photograph, An Abbreviated Theory of the Body

by Jeremy Gilbert-Rolfe…