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literature : essay

Supportive Acts

by Justin Torres
literature : interview

Laura Sims

by Claudia F. Savage
art : interview

Mel Chin

by Saul Ostrow
literature : first proof

from I'm Very Into You

by Kathy Acker…
film : interview

Bruno Dumont

by Nicholas Elliott
literature : editor’s choice

Astra Taylor's The People's Platform

by Orit Gat
Art : Portfolio


by Anna Lundh
Literature : Interview

Kate Durbin

by Gabriela Jauregui
Art : Portfolio


by Guy Yanai
art : Paper Clip

Paper Clip #9

Art : Editor’s Choice

Routine Spectacles of Andy Kaufman and Stuart Sherman

by Michael Smith
Art : Interview

Amy Adler

by Legacy Russell
Literature : Interview

On the Road with Bob Holman

by Stephanie Nikolopoulos
Music : Interview

Robert Ashley

by Alex Waterman

Art21 Season 5 Trailer featuring Yinka Shonibare and Mary Heilmann

Film : Editor’s Choice

John from Cincinnati

by Cameron Shaw
Art : Interview

Dara Birnbaum

by Barbara Schröder…
Literature : Editor’s Choice

Mónica de la Torre's Talk Shows

by Kristin Prevallet
Theater : Interview

Theresa Rebeck

by Evangeline Morphos
Art : Editor’s Choice

Josh Müller

by Lucy Raven
Literature : Editor’s Choice

Hand-Held Visions: The Impossible Possibilities of Community Media by DeeDee Halleck

by Martha Rosler
Literature : Interview

Laurie Sheck

by Susan Wheeler
Art : Interview

Ida Applebroog

by Patricia Spears Jones
Film : Interview

Robert Altman

by Albert Mobilio
Literature : Interview

Alexander Nehamas

by David Carrier