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theater : interview

Adrienne Truscott

by Erin Markey
film : interview

Rick Alverson

by Gary M. Kramer
art : interview

Casey Jane Ellison

by Brienne Walsh
Music : Interview

Tim Heidecker

by Gary Canino
Literature : Editor’s Choice

Steve Martin's Born Standing Up

by Frederic Tuten
Theater : Editor’s Choice

Danny Hoch's Jails, Hospitals, and Hip Hop

by Mark Magill
Theater : Interview


by Linda Yablonsky
Film : Interview

Phil Hartman

by Stanley Moss
Theater : Interview

Sandra Bernhard

by Gary Indiana
Literature : First Proof

Confessions of a Stand-up Comedienne

by Veronica Veiss
Theater : Interview

Rockets Redglare

by Mark Magill