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art : first proof


by Suha Traboulsi
theater : interview

Justin Vivian Bond

by Joy Episalla
literature : interview

Jeremy M. Davies

by Scott Esposito
Dance : Interview

Neal Medlyn

by Rosa Goldensohn
Art : Editor’s Choice

Routine Spectacles of Andy Kaufman and Stuart Sherman

by Michael Smith
Art : Interview

K8 Hardy

by Ariana Reines
Art : Editor’s Choice

Trajal Harrell's Twenty Looks or Paris is Burning at the Judson Church (s)

by Richard J. Goldstein
Music : Interview


by Laureana Toledo
Art : Interview

Kalup Linzy

by Nick Stillman
Art : Artists on Artists

Paulina Ołowska: Between the titles, in some third language

by Elka Krajewska
Art : Interview

John Waters

by Dennis Cooper
Art : Editor’s Choice

Nao Bustamente

by Coco Fusco
Theater : Editor’s Choice

Linda Hill

by Anney Bonney
Art : Interview

Craig Coleman

by Roberto Juarez…
Film : Interview

Willem Dafoe

by Louis Morra
Art : Interview

Michael Smith

by Rosemary Hochschild