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film : portfolio

National Disintegrations

by Braden King
literature : interview

Tim Parks

by Scott Esposito
film : essay

On the Cinema Tropical Awards

by Gary M. Kramer
Art : Interview

Allan Sekula

by Edward Dimendberg
Design : Interview

Bruce Mau

by Kathryn Simon
Art : Interview

Olu Oguibe

by Saul Ostrow
Art : Editor’s Choice

Sherif el-Azma's Pilot for a Soap Opera about an Egyptian Air Hostess

by Lawrence Chua
Art : Editor’s Choice

Brazil: Body and Soul at the Guggenheim

by Carlos Brillembourg
Art : Artists on Artists

Shahzia Sikander

by David Hunt
Literature : Interview

Gioconda Belli

by Kenia Halleck
Art : Interview

Pedro Meyer

by George Moore
Art : Interview

Ernesto Neto

by Bill Arning
Architecture : Interview

Álvaro Siza

by José Antonio Aldrete-Haas
Art : Editor’s Choice

Rose Nolan

by Jeremy Gilbert-Rolfe