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literature : review

An Occupation: Joshua Cohen's Moving Kings

by Robin Giles
art : review

Fletcher Williams III's City Block

by Chase Quinn
Film : Interview

Su Friedrich

by Claudia Steinberg
Film : Editor’s Choice

Gut Renovation

by Claudia Steinberg
Film : Interview

Rick Alverson

by Ryan Sheldon
Film : Editor’s Choice

Jennifer Levonian

by Nell McClister
Literature : Interview

Daniel Borzutzky

by Kristin Dykstra
art : Interview

LaToya Ruby Frazier and Greg Lindquist

Literature : Editor’s Choice

L.J. Davis's A Meaningful Life

by Mónica de la Torre
Art : Interview

Lynn Saville

by Nick Stillman
Literature : First Proof

A Man of Small Volume

by Gabriella de Ferrari