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theater : interview

Becca Blackwell

by Jim Fletcher
art : interview

Jen Bervin and Dianna Frid

theater : editor’s choice

Becca Blackwell's They, Themself and Schmerm

by Amber Power
literature : interview

Maggie Nelson

by A.L. Steiner
literature : interview

Felix Bernstein & Cecilia Corrigan

Art : Interview

Sabrina Gschwandtner

by Andrew Lampert
Literature : First Proof

Five Poems

by Kirsten Kaschock
Art : Interview

Martha Wilson

by Britta Wheeler
Literature : Interview

Mary Gaitskill

by Matthew Sharpe
Art : Portfolio

Harriet Hosmer: Lost and Found

by Patricia Cronin
Film : Artists on Artists

Holly Zausner

by Josiah McElheny
Theater : Interview

David Greenspan

by Steven Drukman
Art : Interview

Elizabeth Murray

by Jessica Hagedorn