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literature : interview

Lidia Yuknavitch

by Porochista Khakpour
art : interview

Rita Ackermann

by Josh Smith
literature : review

Now You See Them, Now You Don't

by Micaela Morrissette
theater : interview

Becca Blackwell

by Jim Fletcher
art : interview

Jen Bervin and Dianna Frid

literature : interview

Laia Jufresa

by Valeria Luiselli
music : interview


by Zachary Small
film : interview

Athina Rachel Tsangari

by Giovanni Marchini Camia
literature : interview

Alexandre Vidal Porto

by Bruna Dantas Lobato
art : portfolio


by Strauss Bourque-LaFrance
theater : editor’s choice

Becca Blackwell's They, Themself and Schmerm

by Amber Power
literature : interview

Juliet Jacques

by Rebekah Weikel
art : interview

Judith Bernstein

by Sofia Leiby
art : interview

Carolee Schneemann

by Coleen Fitzgibbon
literature : interview

Maggie Nelson

by A.L. Steiner
literature : editor’s choice

Anne Garréta's Sphinx, Translated by Emma Ramadan

by Tyler Curtis
performance : editor’s choice

Florentina Holzinger and Vincent Riebeek's Kein Applaus Für Scheisse

by Lauren Bakst
art : portfolio

BOMB Specific

by Julie Ault
literature : interview

Felix Bernstein & Cecilia Corrigan

literature : interview

Beau Rice

by Aiden Arata
art : portfolio


by Juliette Bonneviot
music : editor’s choice

Kate Soper's Here Be Sirens

by Andrea Ray
art : artists on artists

Leeza Meksin

by Sophie Pinkham
Literature : first proof


by Jess Arndt
Art : Interview

A.K. Burns

by Legacy Russell