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film : interview

Movies and Their Making: New York Film Festival's Kent Jones

by Peter Gizzi
literature : first proof

Metaphors on Vision

by Stan Brakhage
art : portfolio

Four Memories

by Jonas Mekas
literature : interview

Hari Kunzru and Sjón

film : editor’s choice

Ross Lipman’s Notfilm

by Liza Béar
art : interview

Rachel Rose

by Aily Nash
Literature : Interview

Damaged Goods: Shock Value

by Craig Hubert
Film : Editor’s Choice

Veiko Õunpuu's The Temptation of St. Tony

by Clinton Krute
film : Editor’s Choice

Daniel Kane's We Saw the Light: Conversations Between the New American Cinema and Poetry

by Abigail Child
Film : Editor’s Choice

Vertov from Z to A edited by Peggy Ahwesh & Keith Sanborn

by Lucy Raven
Film : Interview

Cheick Oumar Sissoko

by Manon Slome
Film : Interview

Alexander Kluge

by Gary Indiana