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art : interview

Eric Baudelaire

by Benoît Rossel
literature : first proof

On Dossiers, Permitting Shame, Error and Guilt, Myself the Single Source

by Brian Blanchfield
Literature : Interview

Jason Schwartz

by J. W. McCormack
Film : review

It's All in Your Head: Andrzej Zulawski

by Frank Thurston Green
Dance : Interview

Elizabeth Streb

by A.M. Homes
Literature : Interview

So What Exactly Is Conceptual Writing: An Interview with Kenneth Goldsmith

by Katherine Elaine Sanders
Art : Interview

Making Good: Jonathon Keats

by Emily Nonko
Art : essay

Image Not Available: Can Alanna Heiss Bring Art to the Airwaves?

by Jed Lipinski
Art : Interview

Brandon Downing’s “负心的人 (Fu Xin De Ren), 2009″

by Mónica de la Torre
Literature : Interview

Shoplifting from Ann Beattie: An Interview with Tao Lin

by Emily Nonko
Music : Editor’s Choice

Lee "Scratch" Perry

by Rone Shavers