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literature : essay

New York Diary

by Édouard Louis
art : portfolio

Four Memories

by Jonas Mekas
literature : review

"To Lie Is to Try": Two Books on Kathy Acker

by Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore
film : review

Vesuvius in Your Mind: On Joan Jonas's Early Films

by Mónica Savirón
dance : review

Missing Contexts: The Pioneering Work of Halprin, Forti, and Rainer

by Karla Kelsey
music : interview

Okkyung Lee and Ikue Mori

art : interview

Ieva Misevičiūtė

by Melanie Bonajo
film : review

Filming the Unspeakable: The Cinema of Yvonne Rainer

by Dana Reinoos
art : essay

John Giorno, Poet

by Rebecca Waldron…
art : project

John Giorno's Archives

literature : essay

from The Manhattan Project

by László Krasznahorkai
music : interview

Stephin Merritt

by Franklin Bruno
literature : interview

Constance DeJong

by Jennifer Krasinski
music : portfolio

Field Recording

by Aki Onda
theater : interview

Becca Blackwell

by Jim Fletcher
art : oral history

Peter Bradley

by Steve Cannon…
art : interview

Lynda Benglis

by Federica Bueti
architecture : essay

The City That Wasn't

by Pierre Alexandre de Looz
art : oral history

Eldzier Cortor

by Terry Carbone
music : interview

Vivien Goldman

by Michael Patrick MacDonald
theater : interview

Nicky Paraiso

by Zachary Small
art : editor’s choice

Charles Simonds's Dwelling

by Stephanie Weber
theater : editor’s choice

Gary Indiana's Phantoms of Louisiana

art : oral history

Gerald Jackson

by Stanley Whitney
art : first proof

From Silver Caution

by Angela Jaeger