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literature : interview

George Saunders

by Sam Lipsyte
art : first proof


by Suha Traboulsi
literature : first proof

Malcolm Lowry in the Supermarket

by Daniel Saldaña París
film : interview

Antonio Campos and Robert Greene

by Nicholas Elliott
architecture : essay

The City That Wasn't

by Pierre Alexandre de Looz
dance : interview

Okwui Okpokwasili

by Jenn Joy
literature : first proof

Spoleto '65

by Bill Berkson
art : artists on artists

James Esber

by David Geers
art : editor’s choice

Javier Téllez’s To Have Done with the Judgment of God

by Silvia Benedetti
art : interview

Jason Simon

by Claire Pentecost
literature : interview

Álvaro Enrigue

by Scott Esposito
literature : editor’s choice

Fred Dewey's The School of Public Life

by Ammiel Alcalay
art : oral history

The Oral History Project

Theater : Interview

Taylor Mac

by Katherine Cooper
Literature : First Proof

Berenice’s Hair

by Peggy Shinner
Literature : Editor’s Choice

Andrew Hugill's Pataphysics: A Useless Guide

by Daniel Levin Becker
Art : Editor’s Choice

dongghab by Sowon Kwon

by Moyra Davey
Art : Interview

Francis Alÿs

by Carla Faesler
Literature : review


by Michael Andrews
Literature : Editor’s Choice

Francine Prose's My New American Life

by Simon Van Booy
Art : Interview

Adam Pendleton

by Thom Donovan
Art : Artists on Artists

Patricia Esquivias

by Manuela Moscoso
Literature : Editor’s Choice

Brandon Downing's Lake Antiquity

by Ben Mirov
Literature : Interview

Inching Towards Abstraction: Lauren Redniss

by David Goodman
Literature : Editor’s Choice

Kristin Palm's The Straits

by Mónica de la Torre