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theater : interview

Adrienne Truscott

by Erin Markey
music : review

The Endorithm 3

by Keith Connolly
literature : review

Arrogant Class Renegade

by Daniel Lefferts
literature : editor’s choice

Sophie Calle's Rachel Monique

by Jennifer Krasinski
music : interview

Stephin Merritt

by Franklin Bruno
literature : first proof

Con Auto Gens

by Laura Elrick
film : review

The Villain Is the 20th Century

by William Corwin
literature : review

Body Party

by Andrew Durbin
music : editor’s choice

Philip Glass's Words Without Music: A Memoir

by Michael Coffey
literature : interview

Maggie Nelson

by A.L. Steiner
literature : first proof

from Where the Bird Sings Best

by Alejandro Jodorowsky
literature : interview

Pierre Guyotat

by Noura Wedell
Art : Interview

Moyra Davey

by Elisabeth Lebovici
art : Paper Clip

Paper Clip #41

by Jacob Forrest Severn
Film : Review

I Can No Longer Hear The Guitar

by Nicholas Elliott
Literature : Interview

Kurt Hollander

by Naief Yehya
Art : Artists on Artists

David Shapiro

by John Haskell
Literature : Interview

Tristan Garcia

by Sandra Laugier
Art : First Proof

José Antonio Suárez Londoño: Portfolio

by Luis Enrique Perez Oramas
Literature : Interview

Margo Glantz

by Álvaro Enrigue
dance : First Proof

Feelings are Facts

by Yvonne Rainer
Film : Interview

Noah Baumbach

by Jonathan Lethem
Literature : Editor’s Choice

Give My Regards to Eighth Street: Collected Writings of Morton Feldman

by Victoria Miguel
Art : Interview

Ellen Phelan

by Michèle Gerber Klein
Literature : Editor’s Choice

Daniel Pinchbeck's Breaking Open the Head

by Aric Mayer