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architecture : interview

Sharon Johnston and Mark Lee

by Frank Gesualdi
art : interview

Laura Kurgan

by Noah Chasin
architecture : essay

The City That Wasn't

by Pierre Alexandre de Looz
art : interview

Sarah Oppenheimer

by Alexander Galloway
literature : editor’s choice

Hans Ulrich Obrist's Conversations in Mexico

by Mónica de la Torre
architecture : interview


by Troy Conrad Therrien
architecture : editor’s choice

Wolf Vostell and Dick Higgins's Fantastic Architecture

by Eva Díaz
architecture : interview

Tatiana Bilbao

by Terence Gower
Architecture : Interview

Smiljan Radic

by Jose Castillo
Architecture : Editor’s Choice

Informal Architectures

by Terence Gower
Art : Editor’s Choice

Architectures of Gender, Sculpture Center, New York

by Marjorie Welish
Architecture : Portfolio

I Believe in Architecture

by Carlos Brillembourg…
Art : Interview

Dan Graham

by Mike Metz