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literature : review

Productive Creativity: On Janina Wellmann’s The Form of Becoming: Embryology and the Epistemology of Rhythm, 1760–1830

by Catherine Despont
Literature : First Proof

Two Poems

by Donald Platt
theater : editor’s choice

César Alvarez's Futurity and Tim Grabham and Jasper Sharp's The Creeping Garden

by Michael Blair
art : interview

Neo Rauch

by Sabine Russ
literature : first proof

The Cub

by Celia Dovell Bell
Art : Interview

Sean McFarland

by Ashley Stull
Dance : Interview

Jen Rosenblit

by Lizzie Feidelson
Art : Portfolio


by David Horvitz
Art : Interview

Heidi Norton and Michael Marder

by Monica Westin
Art : Interview

Björn Larsson

by Rachel Reese
Literature : Interview

James Sherry

by Zoe R. Panagopoulos
Architecture : Editor’s Choice

Landscape Futures: Instruments, Devices and Architectural Inventions

by Emily Gordon
Film : Interview

Michelangelo Frammartino

by Pamela Cohn
Art : Interview

Adam Stennett

by Veronika Vogler
Literature : first proof

Four Poems

by Brandon Shimoda…
Literature : Editor’s Choice

Joshua Corey and D. C. Waldrep's The Arcadia Project

by Jeff Nagy…
Literature : First Proof

Five Poems

by Pedro Serrano
Art : Interview

Eija-Liisa Ahtila

by Cary Wolfe
Literature : First Proof

The Carpathian Mountain Woman

by Cristina Rivera-Garza
Literature : Interview

Fight Club: Richard Siken

by Legacy Russell
Literature : First Proof

Hello, The Roses

by Mei-Mei Berssenbrugge
Art : Portfolio

BOMB Specific: Guillermo Faivovich and Nicolás Goldberg

by Guillermo Faivovich…
Literature : First Proof

Parable of the Birds

by Paul Maliszewski
Art : Artists on Artists

Sharon Harper

by Minna Proctor
Literature : First Proof


by Simon Lane