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art : portfolio


by David Berezin
literature : editor’s choice

Astra Taylor's The People's Platform

by Orit Gat
Art : Interview

Giuliana Bruno

by Sarah Oppenheimer
Literature : Editor’s Choice

Hand-Held Visions: The Impossible Possibilities of Community Media by DeeDee Halleck

by Martha Rosler
Literature : first proof

Is It Hemingway Or Is It Memorex

by Glenn O'Brien
Film : first proof

Mica TV

by Carole Ann Klonarides
Film : editor’s choice

Popular Culture and Personal Vision

by Michael Gitlin
Film : editor’s choice

Communications Update: A Cable TV Show

by Liza Béar
Film : Interview

The Writing On the Wall: Jim Chladek

by Michael McClard
Literature : first proof

New World Information Order: Manifesto of the Non-Aligned Movement

by Liza Béar