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literature : first proof

From The Pirate Who Does Not Know the Value of Pi

by Eugene Ostashevsky
Art : Artists on Artists

Christine and Margaret Wertheim

by Marianne Shaneen
Literature : Interview

Translating Raymond Roussel

by Mark Ford…
Literature : Interview

Rae Armantrout

by Ben Lerner
Literature : First Proof

No Sparkly Pens, Please

by Sally Dawidoff
Art : Interview

Cao Guimarães and Marilá Dardot

Art : Web Extra

Hic et nunc

by Marilá Dardot
Literature : Editor’s Choice

Ann Hamilton: An Inventory of Objects

by Ann Lauterbach
Literature : Interview

Victor Pelevin

by Leo Kropywiansky
Art : Interview

Jasper Johns

by Marjorie Welish
Literature : Interview

Harry Mathews

by Lynne Tillman