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art : review

Baseera Khan's iamuslima

by Terence Trouillot
art : editor’s choice

Margaret Morton's Cities of the Dead: The Ancestral Cemeteries of Kyrgyzstan

by Claudia Steinberg
Literature : Editor’s Choice

Cihan Kaan's Halal Pork and Other Stories

by Ammiel Alcalay
Literature : Interview

Raja Alem

by Tom McDonough
Critical Theory : Interview

Nichole Argo and Omar Amanat

Literature : First Proof

Chroniques de L'Algérie Amère Algérie 1985–2002

by Anouar Benmalek
Literature : Interview

Nuruddin Farah

by Kwame Anthony Appiah
Literature : Profiles and Positions

Poets of the Levant

by Lee Smith
Art : Interview

Shirin Neshat

by Arthur C. Danto
Literature : Editor’s Choice

Mike Marqusee's Redemption Song

by Lawrence Chua
Art : Artists on Artists

Mala Iqbal: Figure Becomes Landscape

by Roberto Juarez
Literature : First Proof

In Bosnia

by Steven Henry Madoff
Music : Interview

Djur Djura

by David Byrne
Literature : first proof

An Evening in Paris

by Ameena Meer
Literature : Interview

Salman Rushdie

by Ameena Meer