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art : artists on artists

Audra Wolowiec

by Emmalea Russo
literature : editor’s choice

Alan Reid's Warm Equations

by Ted Dodson
art : artists on artists

Laura Owens

by Claudia La Rocco
art : interview

Jen Bervin and Dianna Frid

literature : interview

A.G. Porta

by Margaret Hooks
Art : Interview

Moyra Davey

by Elisabeth Lebovici
Literature : interview

Geoff Dyer

by Jonathan Lethem
Art : Portfolio

BOMB Specific

by Franklin Evans
Literature : Interview

Nam Le

by Charles D'Ambrosio
Film : Interview

Isaac Julien

by Martina Kudláček
Art : Interview

Luc Tuymans and Kerry James Marshall

Art : Interview

Laurie Anderson

by Clifford Ross
Art : Interview

Raymond Pettibon

by Grady T. Turner
Theater : Interview

Mac Wellman

by Linda Yablonsky
Art : Interview

Fiona Rae

by Shirley Kaneda