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art : interview

Clive Phillpot

by Ashley McNelis
Literature : Editor’s Choice

The Cahiers Series: Center for Writers & Translators, The American University of Paris

by Sarah Gerard
literature : First Proof


by Robert Grenier
Art : Portfolio


by David Horvitz
Film : Editor’s Choice

Casa de Lava: Scrapbook

by Tânia Cypriano
Literature : Editor’s Choice

Ulises Carrión's The Poet's Tongue

by Mónica de la Torre
Art : Editor’s Choice

dongghab by Sowon Kwon

by Moyra Davey
Art : Interview


by Rachel Reese
Art : First Proof

Portfolio: From Various Music For a While

by Elena Berriolo
Literature : First Proof

Formulas & Flowers from Book of Ruth

by Robert Seydel
literature : Editor’s Choice

Lynd Ward's Six Novels in Woodcuts

by Alexis Boehmler
Literature : Editor’s Choice

The Art of McSweeney's

by Paul W. Morris
Art : Portfolio

Legal Deposit

by Fiona Banner
Art : Interview

An Interview with Natalie Kraft on Nancy Spero's Torture of Women

by Richard J. Goldstein
Art : Portfolio

BOMB Specific

by R. H. Quaytman…
Art : Interview

Jana Leo

by Caitlin Roper
Art : review

Wings For Words

by Christine Lagorio
Literature : essay

In the Trenches with UDP

by Susie DeFord
Art : Portfolio

Harriet Hosmer: Lost and Found

by Patricia Cronin
Literature : Editor’s Choice

Booklyn's ABC Series

by Brian McMullen
Art : Interview

Harrell Fletcher

by Allan McCollum
Art : Interview

Ida Applebroog

by Patricia Spears Jones
Art : first proof

Douglas Beube

by Amanda Means
literature : first proof

From Not-a-Superhero #8, August ’94, issue: Transformed!

by Luca Buvoli
Art : portfolio

Stain Novella

by David Humphrey